Obtain a local USMS Meet or Event Sanction

Steps to Sanctioning a Meet or Event

  1. The event director goes to
  2. Complete the online process and submit the form.
  3. When the event is submitted, an email is sent to the LMSC sanctions chair.
  4. The sanctions chair logs into the system, reviews the event information, may request additional information if needed and as long as all appropriate requirements have been met, approves the request. The event will be automatically added to the USMS calendar of events and the meet director will receive a confirmation e-mail of the approval.
  5. For Pool Events, there is no Sanction fee charged by STLMSC. STLMSC covers the cost of the National Pool Event Sanction fee.

For Open Water Events, STLMSC covers the cost of the National Open Water Sanction fee ($100). In addition to the National Open Water Sanction fee, there is a per participant fee. STLMSC will bill the event host for the $5.00 per participant fee accessed by the National office after the event is completed. Maximum per participant fee is $1,000 per event.

Mail to:
Stacy Abrams
3900 Threadgill St Unit 8
Austin, TX 78723

For additional information, please email

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Event Host Financial Support 

STLMSC wants to promote and assist hosts with events that benefit our members. Annually, the STLMSC Board will set a budget for event host support. Event hosts meeting the criteria will be eligible to receive financial support from STLMC. Click here to read the full policy. 

Events Promotion Policy

Click here to read our policy for promoting non-USMS Sanctioned events.


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