Event Pool

Obtain a local USMS Meet or Event Sanction

Steps to Sanctioning a Meet or Event

1. The event director goes to http://www.usms.org/comp/sanction/request.php

2. Complete the online process and submit the form.

3. When the event is submitted, an email is sent to the LMSC sanctions chair.

4. The sanctions chair logs into the system, reviews the event information, may request additional information if needed and as long as all appropriate requirements have been met, apporves the request. The event will be automatically added to the USMS calendar of events and the meet director will receive a confirmation e-mail of the approval.

5. For Pool Events, please submit a $40 Sanction Fee payable to: South Texas LMSC (Sanction will not be apprroved or issued until the fee is received).

For Open Water Events, the sanction fee depends on the type of event. The fee will either be $1,000 or $1,800. The STLMSC Sanctions Chair will inform you of the fee amount prior to approving the sanction request. Financial asssistance from USMS and STLMSC may be available to assist with the open water sanction fee.

Mail to:
Jim Sauer
1100 Sprague Lane
Austin, TX 78746

Sanction will not be approved or issued until the fee is received.

For additional information, please email STSanctions@usms.org.

Need Help?

Tutorial for Event Directors (this provides a step-by-step guide for submitting a sanction request).

Worksheet for Event Directors (this provides a printable worksheet that the event director can use to prepare for a sanction request).

Tutorial for Sanctions Chairs (this provides a step-by-step guide for approving a sanction request).

Link to Pool Measurement Forms.