STLMSC members, the USMS Rules Committee has issued the following rules interpretation to be consistent with USA Swimming rules. Please review the memos below for more details.

  • 4JUN

    Minutes from the LMSC Annual Meeting:

    The 2016 Minutes from the South Texas LMSC Annual Meeting can be downloaded for your reading pleasure.

  • 26JUN

    Memo regarding the use of therapeutic tape:

    USMS rule 102.12.1E (governing pool events) says that "Any kind of tape worn on the body is not permitted unless approved by the referee". USMS rule 303.7.3 C (governing long distance and open water event) also says that "Any kind of tape worn on the body is not perm itted unless approved by the referee"

    Therefore, to provide clearer guidance for officials, the following interpretation is issued jointly by the USMS Rules Committee and USMS Long Distance Committee.

  • 26JUN

    Memo regarding warmups in dual-sanctioned swim meets:

    The conduct of a sanctioned event shall be in strict compliance with applicable USMS swimming rules and administrative regulations, or when the sanctioned event is held simultaneously in conjunction with a USA Swimming sanctioned meet, with applicable USA Swimming rules and administrative regulations."

    The phrase "applicable rules and administrative regulations" is covered in part by the current dual sanction agreement between USA Swimming and USMS dated December 2014 (included as Appendix B of the USMS R ule Book). This agreement defines a "combined meet" as USMS and USA -Swimming athletes swimming in the same heats without specific lanes being allocated for each organization. A combined meet may be sanctioned by both USA Swimming and USMS and all swimmers "competing according to USA- Swimming rules".